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Flowers Apr. 25th, 2011 @ 03:54 pm
When spring comes in the Netherlands, all sorts of flowers start to bloom. Amongst them the tulip ofcourse, but also a variety of other flowers.
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Swordfighting in kendo armour! Mar. 28th, 2011 @ 10:31 pm

So that is me with another guy from my medieval martial arts school doing some not so very high level techniques. I definitely should practice those techniques more because now it was just hitting each other when the opportunity would arise, and no real follow through techniques.

I had a nylon longsword btw and he had a shinai because the nylon longsword would go through the bars of my kendo mask, which almost went very wrong last time we sparred.

地震 Mar. 12th, 2011 @ 11:44 am
So yesterday in the early morning there was a huge earthquake in Japan, and the aftershocks are still going on. Even though I do not have access to a TV right now this terrible news did came to my ears. I hope that all of you who are in the touhoku and kantou area are ok. The biggest problems in Tokyo seem to be the chaos and not so much the actual damage.

As there are many Japanese people in my Kendo club, today's training has been cancelled. So I won't know if their families are okay until at least tomorrow at the tournament that I'm going to enter or next training on Tuesday. The family of my Japanese language teacher are all ok, albeit rather shaken.

Japan Earthquake
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Ye aulde man Feb. 20th, 2011 @ 02:26 pm
Today I was supposed to go to a tournament, and I was supposed to participate,


there's a problem with my back.

2 weeks ago my lower back started hurting for no apparent reason. All I knew was that a couple months ago I hadn't warmed up for a training and then I had to do these really intensive wrestling exercises (during which I beat me teacher btw) but during that exercise I was thrown out of the mat a couple of times and I did land on my lower back so that's probably where the problem started. But at the time it only hurt a couple days and the passed months it's been okay.

Anyway, it seems that my SI-joint is not in the position it's supposed to be. And it's probably been like that since that intensive wrestling exercise. I went to the physiotherapist to get it sorted, and he basically forwarded me to some other kind of therapist who will probably do some scary things to my back so I can use it again. I really hope i'm going to be able to train again next week or so because I went to kendo yesterday to watch and I really missed it :S

Damnit.. i hate feeling like an old man xD I can't even tie my shoelaces, or stand up from the couch any more without hurting.. ugh..
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Luxury problem? Feb. 7th, 2011 @ 02:18 pm
Usually people stop writing about stuff on their blogs because they have so little to talk about that they can't figure out what to write about. But in my case there's so many things I'm interested in that I can't pick a good subject to talk about.

Now what?

I'm also aware that the number of people who actually read my blog is minute so I can't actually ask people what to write about :P and if i'd just write about my everyday dealings it'd be so diverse that readers might get confused and stuff so...

Now what?

I wonder how people usually deal with this problem. I could just go ahead and do one of those "writer's block" things but it's not that I don't know what to write about but it's more like I don't know what theme to give the content of my blog.


Now what?
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Happy new year? Jan. 19th, 2011 @ 02:29 am
So here's a collection of pics that sort of depict what I did in the last months of 2010
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Exams Dec. 27th, 2010 @ 01:59 pm
So, last entry was too long ago, and because certain people influenced me to write more often I'm writing right now!

Since I've been doing Earth Sciences everything has been going pretty easy so far. I never really had to learn a lot like I had to at the TU in Delft, and the people are generally nicer and stuff. More girls too... anyway..

I've had two exam periods since my last entry, and I passed all my exams from the first one, which is quite unique as I've never passed all my exams of a period in one go. I haven't gotten the results from my second period back yet though..

Anyway this was a quick update about my exams. I've got lots to talk about so I'll probably have a run of an entry every few days or so from now until that's exhausted. I've also got holiday right now, which is also pretty unique since I always had to study for upcoming exams during all my off time since I have started uni. So I'll have lots of time to think about good entries!
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Field Work Oct. 8th, 2010 @ 07:42 pm
This past week I had my first field work experience for earth sciences. It lasted from the 30th till today and consisted of a lot of hiking in the hills of the Ardennes. During those hikes we had to collect data from the land like what rocks are located where and we had to take note of how the land was formed etc. We had to interpret that data in the evenings, and that culminated into a set of maps and a report at the end of the week.

The whole thing was very interesting. Mostly because it was the first time i actually felt happy working in a team. I had a great team, and the matter we had to deal with was very clear to me so the only difficulty from this excursion came from the lack of sleep and the slight time pressure we had to finish the product we had to turn in.

As for the rest of the trip, I can say that it was an incredibly cool trip. It's been a very long time since I have been on a trip with "classmates" like this, and it was wonderful to get to know all the people that are in the 1st year of Earthsciences at the VU like this. I found out that I wasn't the oldest (the second oldest afaik). And I had lots of laughs with all the people there. Even with the teachers and TAs who came along. My old hobby of collecting stones got reinvigorated since I got to collect the stones myself in the field and not from some dusty shelf in some dinky stone gallery, so that was very cool too. I even got to hack some fossils out of a stone wall at a station.

All in all the trip has been very cool. Maybe I'll upload some pics of what I have seen. For now I'll just hope that I won't be dreaming about outcrops in the sides of narrow paths anymore.
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Seminars Aug. 18th, 2010 @ 03:54 am
Last weekend and the weekend before that I had a Kendo seminar and a "Sword & Buckler" seminar respectively. So the new academic year started off with a great deal of physical exercise as if we had to catch up for the laziness that has crept in during the summer break.

Sword and Buckler
Plate from MS:I33The sword and buckler seminar 2 weeks ago was pretty interesting in that I had never done anything with sword and buckler before. As I am doing medieval European martial arts we had an expert on an old German sword and buckler manuscript called "MS:I.33" which happens to be the oldest extant medieval fighting manuscript. (a plate of which can be seen to the left)

The expert was Scott Brown an American who is famous for his expertise and practical knowledge of the manuscript. His fame is obviously limited to those who actually study the manuscripts so none of the members of the EMCA have actually heard of him before hahaha..

His workshop consisted of 2, 6-hour days of training. We learned loads of exercises, and techniques from the actual manuscript, mostly consisting of flow-exercises where you do repeating movements with both the buckler in one hand and the sword in the other, either solo or with a partner. After the workshop we all learned a considerable amount of drills which we can just practice at home. It has definitely motivated me to also get a one-handed sword and a buckler in addition to a longsword and a dagger.

kendo seminarLast weekend I also had a kendo seminar. There were 3 7th-dan teachers from Japan and a 7th-dan kendoka from the Netherlands (those 4 men sitting in front in the picture to the right). This seminar was more like an extremely prolonged regular training with special teachers.

The whole of this seminar lasted for 3 days for a total of 15 hours of training. And considering I only had that buckler seminar the week before since I had last done any exercise since the start of summer, this kendo seminar was quite tough. Warming-up was done together, as was cooling-down. During the seminar, groups would be formed according to level, so I was usually with the lower than 1st-dan kendoka (as I don't have any degree yet). There were examinations at the end of the seminar which I didn't stick around for to watch as I was thoroughly battered and broken by that time.

The things that I learned, or practised rather, were mostly basics. I was quite happy to find that I was doing quite okay for myself compared to the rest of the kendoka in my group, almost all of whom have been doing kendo for a longer time than I have. Besides these basics I also learned or reviewed a few techniques that come in handy, like how to strike your opponents hand right before he attacks and things like that.

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time for some fanboyness Jul. 6th, 2010 @ 02:52 pm
So I went to paris for the Japan Expo where Morning Musume also came. I tried to get a signing session ticket from the draw like 8 times but I didn't get it while all those standing in line with me, those directly in front of me and behind me, did get a ticket. I was sort of pissed at that since I bought this poster specially to get signed. But because of some freaky twist in fate I bumped into them at a convenience store at the airport while I was getting bottles of water with my 2 friends to have some drinking water at the hotel.
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Anyway, that was my only real encounter with them, all the other times i was just some head in the crowd. I wanted to get into the signing session partly to also give them a written letter and drawings and stuff but that didn't work out, so i'm thinking of just sending something to their agency in Japan.
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