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I made it long ago

I have been living on this planet for some time now, and i intend to live on it a whole lot longer. Most of the time i have been living on this planet i went to school as i am still doing and will be doing for the next 5 or 6 years or longer even. I haven't achieved a lot though, after all the time i've spend at school.

I started playing guitar in the autumn of 2004, and i intend to continue playing it a whole lot longer. Uhm.. yeah.. my life isn't very interesting as you may have noticed.

Oh yeah.. i've played magic: the gathering.. but stopped last year coz i didn't like the goofs that played it as well and those i did like to play magic with left school, i did enter a tournament once though, didn't win so that was crap. I've been laying the floor, on which people do judo on, for a couple of years now.

Hmm.. Ah! i used to be this mega game geek, i even got to be part clanleader for a certain game the clan was active in as well. I used to be pretty proud of the fact that i only recruited people who could frag me once in 20 minutes time and that nobody actually succeeded in that :P. I still play games though, although not as much as before. I actually still wear the clan tag whenever i play a game.

Anyway.. if this planet proves to be a pain in the ass i WILL move.. maybe to the moon or something.


i don't lay down the judo mats anymore as i don't have the time to do it, as i'm attending this uni in delft, and i've begun playing pool during my last vacation which was in new york, and of which i have pictures on internet of (go there by clicking on the link in the top menu of my main page).

besides those last 2 things.. not that much has happened that is of real interest in this kind of bio.. unless ofcrouse you're interested in what level of education i have so far, what i'm studying now and such. But you just IM me for that :P.


Update on Jan 11th 2007:

Does this bio have a character limit? i don't think so *feels certain undefined infernal urges coming up*. I think this is going to be a problem.


Update on Jul 26th 2007:

I figured I'd give some additional info about myself.

I'm a male. And.. I'm straight.. and.. uhm.. just 5% of the people who go to my faculty are women. And I'm *not* desperate.. because if I was I'd be sleeping with the ugliest Betty out there, but instead I'm in love with unreachable persons.
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